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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ( Black color )

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Original price Rs. 20,000.00
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  • One year Manufacturers Warranty
Bluetooth v4.2

Bluetooth Version

2.81cm (1.1")

Size (Main Display)


CPU Speed


Weight (g)

The next generation Galaxy Watch Active

Meet the next generation Galaxy Watch Active. All fitness watches track data. Galaxy Watch Active stands apart – it’s a fitness watch that actively gives you advice, so you can stay ahead of the game.

The next generation Galaxy Watch Active

Style that won’t slow you down

Stay sporty without having to always look the part. Galaxy Watch Active features a discreet, lightweight design so you can comfortably fast-track your way toward the finish line. It also features a variety of stylish straps that are fit for most occasions.

Style that won’t slow you down

*Available models may vary by country.

There's beauty in simplicity

Everyone has their own approach when it comes to staying active. That’s why Galaxy Watch Active comes with customizable watch faces that combine style and sensibility. So whatever your goal is there’s an expression that will match it.

There†s beauty in simplicity